Tips for a great Cover Letter and Resume to Land your Dream Fixed Ops Job!

  • Published on March 6

Here at Fixed Ops Jobs, we’re just like any other organization, we need to hire people as we grow. The question is, “How do we find the right candidate”? Before we interview any candidate, we look over the applicant’s cover letter and resume. Their cover letter and resume is a small glimpse into the experience of a potential candidate, as well as to why they want to come and work for us.    

Creating a resume and cover letter can be pretty intimidating, especially when you are first looking for a new career in Fixed Ops.  But do not worry, we are here to give you tips and examples for crafting an effective cover letter and resume to help you stand out from the competition.  


Think of a cover letter and resume as your store front window, who doesn’t love window shopping?  You’re walking down the street and see a bakery.  In the window you see all of their items arranged in the window, showcasing the different items they have to offer. This arrangement leads you to opening the door and heading in to buy a muffin.  Your cover letter is just that, an introduction to you in a neatly arranged way to entice the hiring manager to connect with you. 

A cover letter format is pretty standard.  You need to include the name of the hiring manager or the person conducting the interview, what the company needs are and how you can fill those needs with your experiences and skill.  You also need to include why you want to work at this company, how they can reach you, and finally and probably most importantly, you need to include “thank you for the opportunity to apply for this position”.

Applying for any position in the auto industry, especially in Fixed Operations, is just like any other business.  It is extremely competitive and you need to position yourself as the expert and need to stand out.  Always be prepared before any meeting or conversation.  Make sure you know the products and the skills it takes to succeed with the company you're applying to as well as the opportunity to grow and learn under their leadership.  Tell the hiring manager your knowledge of their products and what skills you have that set you apart from other candidates.

Always remember, conclude your cover letter with a thank you message. Thank the person reading your cover letter for their time and the opportunity to apply for the position.  Be sure to mention that you can provide them with references upon their request, and that you look forward to hearing from them at their earliest convenience.  This shows them that you are serious about the position and look forward to meeting with them.


The resume is your opportunity to highlight all your past jobs, accomplishments, certifications and highlights of your career and showcase them to the hiring managers.  A question we hear a lot is “How do I create a resume?” or “Is there a specific format that I need to follow?”  The answer is simple, just do a websearch on resume formats.  You will be served with hundreds of different resume formats.  Pick the format that you like the best and that fits your style and personality.  

Your resume should start with your contact information at the top, name, address, cell phone number, and email address.  From there it is all about you and your work history/experience.  Usually your first entry would be your current/last job that most fits in line with the auto industry.  Focus on your daily tasks and responsibilities that best fit the needs of the potential employer.  Then from there you can list all the other jobs you have had with the start month and years. After all your jobs are in order of latest, or the one that best fits the job you’re applying for, to the first job you have, don’t forget to put your education history. Your school, degree, certifications, internships, or any additional items that will help you stand out.  Finally, one thing some people tend to forget at the end of your resume is “accomplishments.”  This section you want to highlight any awards, milestones you have achieved in any of the jobs/school that you have.

Finally, be sure to have someone check your new/updated resume.  Spelling, dates, former company locations etc.  Nothing is thrown away faster than a resume or cover letter with spelling errors.   One thing we have run into in the past is misspelling the email address.  After your review, you are ready to hit send, but make sure to send your resume to the correct person/department. Don’t be afraid to call the company and ask for the email address of the hiring manager.  Simply sending your resume to Human Resources is okay,  if it is listed in the job application, but you need to do some research.  

Don’t you think if you send it to the hiring manager, or the person you’d be working with first before sending it to HR,  may help you stand out a bit?  Be sure to add in a catchy subject line for your email as well.  Not just Application for Auto Parts Job.  

As always, Fixed Ops Jobs  is here to help you in any way possible. Reach out to us anytime for help or to just ask a question, heck send us your resume and if we have the chance we’ll give you some feedback.